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Glass Aluminum Doors

Glass Aluminum Doors

Glass and Aluminum Doors are commonly used for retail and commercial entrances. Available in many styles, colors, and features, United Door Service can provide aluminum glass door repair service.

Glass and Aluminum Doors features:

  • Aluminum frames with less mass for easy opening.
  • Durable locks for security.
  • Glass options include Dual-glazed, tempered, and more
  • Hydraulic closers
hollow metal doors

Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow Metal Doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing a quality door is important for the application to ensure a long-lasting good look and functionality. Whether it’s an interior or exterior application, metal or wood appearance, we have a hollow metal door that will work for you. Replacement of hollow metal doors can be tricky. With dozens of manufacturers making hollow metal doors, some of which have gone out of business, matching the hinge spacing to an existing door frame is often an issue. Here, United Door Service offers and installs doors that have been reverse-engineered by a multitude of manufacturers with matching hinge spacing to be an exact fit for your original metal door frame.

Dock doors

Dock Doors

United Door Service repairs and services commercial dock levelers, latches, and dock seal equipment and offers emergency dock repair services when needed.
Doors Services:

  • ll Makes and Models Repaired and Serviced
  • Dock Latches
  • Dock Seals
  • Preventive Maintenance
    If your business is dependent on dock equipment working all the time for deliveries and shipments, you should consider a United Door Service preventative maintenance program custom for docks.

Roll-Up Steel Doors

United Door Service installs, repairs and services all types and brands of roll-up service doors. The advantage of this type of door is the interior overhead access is not lost when the door is open. Small window slat portals are optional to gain visibility from the inside looking out to see when trucks or people are outside the door. Insulated slats are also available.

Sectional doors

Sectional Doors

Choose from a variety of sectional styles, operational methods, and custom sizes along with a choice of materials and finishes roll-up doors offer a choice of easy operation with options for motorized operation or manual lift. Retrofitting from older one-piece doors to an industrial roll-up configuration is a common request to update the look of the building's appearance. Windows can be placed at almost any level to prevent eyes from looking in or to promote visibility from inside to see trucks arriving outside.


Mini storage

United Door Service specializes in mini storage door maintenance, repairs and door replacements. New doors come in a variety of colors and sizes. Broken door springs are a common problem with mini storage doors. Replacing old or broken mini storage door springs will extend the life of the door and keep the doors operational without any downtime.