We Install, Service and Repair Industrial Overhead Doors for a wide range of applications.

We Can Replace Into existing openings, creat new openings or modify your existing opening to meet your needs.

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United Door Service repairs and services commercial dock levelers, latches and dock seal equipment and offers emergency dock repair services when needed. 

Dock equipment is often neglected and forgotten about.  This can lead to equipment breaking down, sometimes rendering a dock useless for days.  Common problems are rodent infestation, dirt or debris buildup, misuse, hydraulic leaks, or wires getting frayed or chewed by rodents. Minimize your safety liability with a professional survey of your dock equipment.

  Doors Services:

If your business is dependent on dock equipment working all the time for deliveries and shipments, you should consider a United Door Servicw preventative maintenance program custom for docks.

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United Door Service installs, repairs and services all types and brands of roll-up service doors. if you’ve got a door problem give us a cal

The advantage for this type of door is the interior overhead access is not lost when the door is open.  Small window slat portals are optional to gain visibility from the inside looking out to see when truck or people are outside the door.  Insulated slats are also available.

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Choose from a variety of sectional styles, operational methods and custom sizes along with choice of materials and finishes

Roll-up doors offer choice of easy operation with options for motorized operation or manual lift.  Retrofitting from older one piece doors to an industrial roll-up configuration is a common request to update the look of the building appearance.

Windows can be placed at almost any level to prevent eyes looking in or to promote visibility from inside to see trucks arriving outside.

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