United Door Service specializes in all types of Door Repair and Service

If you have a door that is critical to your business, we recommend considering a door maintenance service plan.  United Door Service will clean and lubricate your door as well as inspect  the door hardware and structure.  This minimizes the risk of a door failure when you least expect it.  Regular service can also extend the life of your door, minimizing long term costs and impact on your business.

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Glass and Aluminum Doors are commonly used for retail and commercial entrances.

Available in many styles, colors, and features, CDC can provide standard or custom aluminum glass doors for your entrance specific to your needs.

  Glass and Aluminum Doors feature:
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Hollow Metal Doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Choosing a quality door is important for the application to insure a long lasting good look and functionality.  Whether it’s an interior or exterior application, metal or wood appearance, we have a hollow metal door that will work for you.

Replacement hollow metal doors can be tricky.  With dozens of manufacturers making hollow metal doors, some of which have gone out of business, matching the hinge spacing to an existing door frame is often an issue.  Here at United Door Service offers and install doors that have been reverse engineered to the multitude of manufacturers with matching hinge spacing to be an exact fit for your original metal door frame.

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